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Is it still possible to play live dealer games if there is a poor internet connection?

Certainly, you can, but the experience that you get on the internet with good speed is altogether different. As the game will not be on hold if your network seems to be weak it is better to look for a place where the internet works fine. Also, every casino has its set of rules associated with connection failure. So before you start with the game, make sure you go through the terms and conditions.

Is it possible to play live dealer games on mobile?

There should not be any problem enjoying your live dealer game on mobile. You don’t need any specific software to be downloaded on the device for it to function. You can simply access it from the browser as you would do from the PC. However, you need to make sure the internet is working fine while playing the games. You are advised to check the Wi-Fi connection before you start with your game.

How to know if the player is being cheated in the live dealer game?

As long as you are on a reliable platform where genuine players participate in the game, you will not be cheated. There are licensed providers where the software and studies are regularly audited. If you choose a reliable platform then the such problem will not happen.

How exactly does the live dealer game work?

In this game, there are some cards which you need to deal with. There will not be any interference from the computer. There are also sites that have a chat option where you can chat with the dealer if you wish to. Dealer and player interaction can play a crucial role in such games.

What are the possible benefits of the live dealer game?

The live dealer game gives you a feel of a real casino. The playing thrill of the real dealer is one of the reasons why players enjoy this game. Players can also have a conversation with the dealer irrespective of where they are playing. Besides, there is no computer intervention and games like blackjack or roulette can be played for a long time.

What exactly are the Live Dealer Games?

This type of game is a new invention in the casino field that has won millions of hearts. The game gives the same feel as regular casino games however the only difference is players can stream and play live. They can enjoy watching the cards being dealt with the real dealer for which all they need is a webcam. Due to this player gets a realistic online casino experience.

What Live Dealer Games are Available?

If you are a table game fan then you can explore a wide range of games at an online live dealer platform. Some of the highly played live dealer games include live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat. There are some sites where you can even play games like live keno, live Sic Bo and Casino Hold’em to name some.

What are Popular Live Games and why?

Even if there is a wide range of live gaming options available but the highly played games are baccarat and live roulette. They have won the hearts of players due to the ease of playing the game and the simplicity in terms of understanding it. Once the player understands how it needs to be played, he can choose the crucial elements in the game without taking much time. Besides if the player wants to interact with the real-life dealer they can do the same.

Is there any Specific Software needed to play?

No there is no specific software that is required to enjoy playing live casino games. Rather, it is so easy to access live dealer casino games as you simply have to browse the site of your choice and choose the game you want to play.

Is it possible for the Dealers to See Me?

No, it certainly is not possible for the live dealer to see you. However, they can read the name you have entered and can chat with you.

Live dealer games – FAQ

Is it important to register a Separate Live Dealer Account?

There are some sites where you can access live dealer games without registration. You can simply create a live dealer account using the web browser at the casino where you have registered yourself. This means you don’t have to create another account for this specifically. You cannot play at the website where the live dealer game is not supported. You need to sign up on the platform where you can get access to live dealer games.

Is it possible to Change Streaming Quality and Sound Options?

Yes, it is possible to do that. For this, you need to use the options table which you can find in the Menu section, and customize the live dealer easily so you can play the game as you want.

Is it possible to chat with live dealers?

You can chat with the live dealer on the site where such a feature is available. But keep a note that every site has a different feature. So you may have to check with the site where you want to play if it has the feature of a live chat option.

How to make a choice of the site where live dealer games can be played?

There are so many options where you can play different games and which are loaded with great graphics and features too. But while choosing a site for the live dealer, make sure it is licensed and highly secured. The site should offer an accessibility option through mobile and desktop. With a user-friendly interface and ample game support choices, even the newbie should not get confused while playing on the site for the first time. If you come across such a site which is authentic then giving it a try won’t harm you.

Is there any chance of your player’s details getting misused in a live dealer game?

As long as you are on an authentic site that is integrated with SSL technology you should not have any risk of information getting misused in anyways.

Can live dealers hear you?

No, a live dealer will not be able to hear you. But while playing at a live casino, you can chat with the dealer provided the site has added that feature.

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