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Action: The total of all wagers which is also referred to as gambling activities that are used in general

Aggregate limit: The overall obligation of the casino to pay the best in any specific game

Ante: The tiny bet that all players make before the cards are dealt especially in the poker tournaments

All-in: In poker, if there is a player that bets all the chips at one time.


Bankroll: The total amount that a player puts into the casino which would be used further for placing bets. Casino workers also use this term as a reference to overall money which is stocked at a table of the game before the shift begins.

Bad Paper: The checks that are written by the players but will not get honoured at the bank of the player because of insufficient funding.

Barber Pole: The wager that is created using the different chips stack. There are alternating colours of the chips which are similar to a pole of barber’s

Book/Bookie: The book is a special area in the casino where wagers are accepted as the sporting event and race outcome. The bookie is the person who would collect and even pay off the bets which will be created.

Boxman or Boxperson: The dealer who would be supervising the banks in the craps game. The employee would monitor the amount of the payoff and also would deposit the money in the dropbox.

Break the Deck: this term is used in the games of blackjack which means the reshuffling of the cards. The dealer would break the deck at any convenient time but would do so, especially when they consider there is a card counter that is present at the table.

Board: The cards which are exposed in the table game or the community cards that will be used by all the players.

Brick: This is a card used in the poker round which would not bring any improvement in the player’s hand.

Black chip: When there is a betting token that cost around $100 it is a black chip

Bonus: When the cash is being offered by the casino because of the inducement or a reward as the play.

Blind bet: When the bet is made in the poker before the player can see the card. All the players would take turns in between to make the blind bet for a certain amount which would then force other players to make their bets or call it a fold.

Blackjack: this is a game of casino tale which is played against the dealer. Every participant would get two cards to begin with. The focus is to get as close as possible so the total value is equal to 21.

Beard: The player would conceal the other player’s identity is stated as the beard

Beef: When there is quite a dispute between the player and a casino it is beef

Beginner’s Luck: When there is a new player who would win because of the luck factor, it is called beginner luck.

Bet Max: When the button of the Bet Max is clicked by the player, there will be major coins that get placed in the bet for all sorts of play lines.

Bet Min: Using the Bet Min Button, it is possible for the player to set the bet automatically towards the minimum amount possible.

Bluff: When there is a better in the poker using the little hand or without any value.

Board: When the card gets exposed at the table game or there is a community card that all players use

Burn card: In poker, when there is a card which gets taken off from the deck top before more than one board card is revealed by the dealer.

Bet/Betting limit: Also called a wager, this is a mount that a player puts at stake on the blackjack or roulette round. It is also the price that is being spent on the slot machine spin. Here are some table games that come with betting limits. Suppose, you may choose the table of Blackjack where the maximum betting is $20

Buy-in: When you sit at the table for a session, you need to convert the cash against the casino token which is also chips in the equivalent amount. The total that you spend is called the buy-in. In tournaments of poker, it is also the value of the entry.


Cage: this is more like a casino’s financial hub. It is in the controlled surrounding which has most the money transactions happen. Players often go to the casino cage for cash out so they can exchange the chips for the currency

Change Colors: When there is an exchange of one set of chips for the other one change colours like turning a chip of $5 for the five $1 chips. Dealing calls such changing colour as some chips are quite recognised at a faster pace by the colour than the value which is market at their top.

Call: This is a poker word that is used for describing the matching of a bet which is already created.

Cannon: This is a player who would bet huge on a consistent basis, especially during poker.

Card Washing: It does not include any soapy water or cloth or hard scrubbing. Instead, when the dealer would spread the card in the downward face and then mix it up well before the shuffling. There are modern casino tables that consist of machines with automatic shuffling for saving time.

Card shark: Also called the card sharp this is one highly skilled player of the game.

Check: This is one kind of poker action in which the hand stays but betting cannot be placed. Chips are also referred to as checks.

Cooler: This is one unlucky player which has the bad cards on the run

Commission: Certain amount or the percentage which is ranked by the casino in certain games of table

Comps: Comps is the short form used for the term complimentary which is given to the customers by the casino. It all depends on the play level or the amount of the wagers that the customer puts in. this consist of anything be it the free drink or the luxury suite which comes with a butler full time and also private transportation like a jet.

Count Down: this is one dealer action that creates chips in small stacks and also the taller ones. The stacks are collected from the table so the pit personnel can count them easily even from a distance.

Classic slots: This was the very first slot that players enjoyed playing. It looked similar to the slots that are seen in the casino with three different reels. Some even use fruit as a symbol which is why it is also called tips.

Chips: This is casino currency which comes in different denominations and colours and is the token which you shall use to play your table games in the casino.

Cold/Hot: Running cold means the player who is one the average to lose the streak. The game which is not playing is also called cold. On contracts to it, running hot is quite appealing.

Croupier: this is one French term that is used for the table dealer. It is not used commonly in the US but you can impress the players with such casino jargon


Double Down: This is a term which is used in the Blackjack. It means double the original betting. The player would then get one extra card.

Dealer: This is a casino employee whose job is to deal the cards to all other players. It is always good to tip them rightly.

Deposit: the total sum amount that players need in the account of playing.

Double or Nothing: This is one end of a bet which is also done in money. This means if you win then your money will get double and if you lose then you will not get anything. You can say it the even or odd bets or the red or black colour of in roulette are part of it.


Floor person: The employee of the casino would be supervising the gaming tablets dealers and also see to it if there is any kind of irregularities or problems that needs quick action to be taken.

Face Cards: this can be a card with any face is it queen, kings and jacks on it.

Free Spins: Also called an extra spin, this term refers to the spin that a player can win and for which they don’t have to pay anything extra. It is also used as a bone in certain slots.


Galloping Dominoes: the gamblers and casino workers often call the dice jokingly as Galloping Dominoes

George: The Las Vegas dealer is also known as the Good tripper. This is the person who bets on the behalf of the dealer.

G.I. Marbles: The casino workers and also the gamblers call dice sometimes as the G.I. Marbles

Grind Player: The player who would work slowly using the bankroll while conservatively betting and that too in small value.


Hard Count: The action in which even the hard currency is counted. It is usually performed in a certain room where the security is quite high

Hole Card: The card which is dealt towards the downward-facing

House Advantage: In easy-to-understand language, the mathematical winning edge that a casino offers for itself. It is done using the manipulation of the payoff value and game rules to make sure that the casino will maintain some profitability level. It is also called the casino percentage of the house edge.

High Roller (The Whale): the player who would spend a huge amount of money. Every casino deals with such term in a different way as to whom or what will be the person qualifying as the high roller

House Edge: this is more like a percentage for every bet that is created. It also shows the sign of a slight advantage that the casino would hold as compared to other players.


Invited Guests: The industry term is used for the high roller that is catered by the casino for using different comps. Some guests who are invited would also bring in dollars of action to visit the casino at least once.


Juice: This is more of gaining knowledge about the so-called right people of the town. The person who seems to have the juice often has good connections in the industry of the casino and also as the power wields.

Jackpot: This is one huge prize that is available in the games like slot machines. You can find it mostly in the side bet or progressive slots.


Loader: The dealer who is not careful and would show the hole card when the dealing is being made.


Markers: The common personnel use name given for the casino for those who are considered the crucial players. When there is a large amount of wagering, the credit period gets extended to the player in the market form.

Michigan Bankroll: When there is a large denomination bill which is jokingly used and is wrapped in many small bills like a bill of $100 wrapped around a bill of$1 gives the impression that the person is a high roller player with bills of $100 to wager.


Paddle: The device in plastic material which the dealer uses for pushing the paper money in the drop box

Payline: This term is used for the slot machines in which the reels or the line causes the win. This is more like a blend of symbols which is used.

Parimutuel: It is associated with Reaves where the wagers are pooled while the winner’s payoff is associated with the total winner’s number without the commission being paid to the track.

Pit: This is a section that is behind speciality game tables at the casino in which the supervisory personnel stand while monitoring the games.

Payout Percentage (Return to Player – RTP): The percentage is the total amount that will be given to the player over some span of time.

Progressive Jackpot: This is one slot machine prize which can increase progressively with every game the player would play.

Pit boss: When you are at the table you may notice a person who is a well-dressed staff member who is standing close to the dealer. This is the pit boss that would make sure the game is played fairly all the time


Random Number Generator (RNG): this is a device that creates random numbers and also the unpredictable ones with the help of a multi-stage process to make sure it is actually random

Reel: This is the area which is more like a column in which the slot symbols are aligned to offer a winning combination.

Railbird: This term is used for those people who are commonly seen just watching the game. However, they need to be at a safe distance so the player or the game doesn’t get influenced.


Shill: The employee of the casino who would go around to the tables that are empty and act as a player so the game gets more attention from the player

Soft Count: the activity where the currency of the paper, charge slips and even the bank checkers are counted. It is done in high security under a special room.

Stiff: The gambler who will not give a tip

Scatter Symbol: In slots, a scatter symbol can be at any line or often the triggering of the free spin.


The Pencil: The person who is in charge to schedule the other person with the dealer. This is also known as an employee that has the power of writing the comps for the customers

Toke: This is a common term used for the gratuities or the tips which are provided to the dealer and also other staff of the casino team

Twinkle: This is a hidden yet small spot that lets the dealer see the cards which are being dealt. This is considered cheating in the casino which is not allowed.

Tapping Out: It simply means the player is done betting and playing. It can also be used when the player loses the bankroll completely.


Vigorish or Vig: This is the term used for house advantage and also for the commission pay that players give to the casino for improving their winning chances.


Washing the Cards: Combining different card decks before spreading or shuffling them at the game table and then mixing them all randomly together.

Wire Joint: The casino where the method of the rigged table and magnetized dice is used to cheat the players. This is one corrupt establishment of gaming.

Whale: The casino bosses like whales because these are more of the step from the super-wealthy people or say high rollers who prefer flying to the casino with a huge cash amount they wish to use in the game. As long as they are having fun they don’t really care about the money.


Zukes: This is the other name given for gratuities or tips which is quite popular with casino workers and young dealers.

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