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Electronic Sports which is popularly known as E-sports Betting Apps is described as one competitive yet organized video gaming where teams and competitors across the world participate in competing against one another. There are many popular games which can be played in the big arenas, and this whole event is witnessed by millions of gamers and fans. Talking of which, some of the popular games that have a huge fan base are Overwatch, Fortnite, StartCraft, rocket League, Dota-2, Call of Duty, and League of Legends to name some. These games are generally played on Live streaming apps like YouTube Gaming and Twitch which are simply designed for the same.

E-sports events are quite grand, and millions of people watch them from across the globe. If the estimation is to be considered then 380 million people watch e-sports across the world out of which 170 million people are e-sports enthusiasts and frequent watchers from countries like China, South Korea, and North America. That’s just about the e-sports that we talked about, but there’s more that adds value to this event, and that is e-sports betting. Discover more about it to understand why it is so popular.

Know more about E-sports Betting Apps:

The video game world is quite competitive already. Players from across the world look forward to competing and winning prizes, rewards, coins and better upgrades. Many businesses look forward to making an investment in this industry to double their profit. But to enjoy this profit, the right e-sports betting app plays an important role. Not every app is designed equally. Some may have the features that you want while some may have the features which seem to be extraordinary, but you have never tried them out. In fact, the purpose of every e-sports betting app varies too. Some are used simply for research based on the statistical depth they offer while some can be used for placing bets.

If you are curious to know more about the e-sports betting apps that are worth to give it a try then here are some you can find


These e-sports betting app is designed for e-bettors that have a good experience in this field. From the time the Beta design was released, the e-sports bettors found it quite enticing. The navigation is simple yet smooth, and responsiveness is easy as well. Besides, there are different betting choices, and the market is huge and is growing with every year passing. Whether it’s the money line or the live betters, BetOnline has stored all possible features. So if you are keen to explore the best e-sports betting app with a good reputation then you might want to start with this one. This betting app shall surely make the online betting experience the most enjoyable experience.


This one is another interesting e-sports app for mobile users that can be downloaded on I-phone and Android. This app is compatible with Android operating system 4.0 while for the iPhone it is compatible with iOS 8.1 and above. Along with being visually appealing, this app is user-friendly and offers smooth navigation. You can have access to the popular events which you can see at the homemade itself. You can even see the available market and the odds clearly. There are some of the best mobile esports games such as Dota 2, CS: GO and LoL to name some.

Fantasy e-sports Apps:

Another interesting app that you might want to play or explore for online betting is fantasy e-sports. Even if the stakes don’t seem to be that high, there is still scope for you in public tournaments to win huge cash prizes. it is one of the popular fantasy e-sports apps that is being played where you can even make a dream team of your own for League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). You can use Bytes or even play for free to enter the competitions of the Premium fantasy and win huge prizes such as gift cards of around $100


Another interesting app that you might want to consider is Betway. This is basically an online sports book which has gained quite a popularity and is now also known as the stellar betting hub too. It offers all kinds of esports betting markets in one place. With easy navigation and the supported bets’ sheer quality, you will have a great time exploring this app.


This is one fine app that any person interested in e-sports betting should consider. It is responsive, clean, and smooth to operate and offers easy navigation too. These factors are one of the reasons why beginners often prefer using this app first. Known for providing fair odds, these e-sports bookmarkers have been on the top for years now.

MyBookie Banking Banner

If you have never been on my bookie sports betting app then it’s time that you explore this option. It does not just have a huge selection of the sports on which you can bet but also has some unique bonuses that you might want to avail yourself of. But yes, there is also a wide range of fair game options with bonus scope that makes it one of its own kind.

What makes such E-sports betting apps trending?

You probably must be wondering why is it that e-sports betting apps are so popular and how or who makes them so well known. Well, for them here are a few things that need to be known.

Strong Reputation:

One of the things that have been noticed with the e-sports betting apps is their strong reputation. When it comes to reviewing such apps, it has been noticed that customers don’t really have much of complaints or feedback for the app on how they can improve. Besides, their payment options are safe, and this makes the background verification stronger that the app holds a good reputation.

A Plethora of E-sports Leagues

It does not make any sense to have an app with a limited range of games. E-sports betting is popular because it offers different games of interest in which betting can be done. Not everyone has an interest in the same sports. That is why, when choosing an app, you might want to make sure it offers a wide range of e-sports betting leagues from which you can make the choice. E-sports betting apps should at least have more than 10 leagues.


For any e-sports app to offer its user a good experience, its smooth usability is important. Many e-sports betting apps pride themselves to be well designed. But the fact is, to make it easy for the customers for smooth navigation is not an easy job and if you come across one then certainly, they value their customers. Look for an app that can be located easily and operated smoothly.


It is important for the site to work in a user-friendly way and since simplicity is the most important aspect of any e-sports betting app, make sure you choose the one which is easy to access. It should be your primary consideration as they design a unique betting app. If the app can be accessed easily then it gives them only a great opportunity to offer a high-quality experience of betting to their valued customers.

Customer Service Team

Whether you have a problem with payment or betting, it is good customer service that should be capable to handle it all. Be it chat, email, or even phone service if the person is looking for a better solution when it comes to dealing with the problem it is better to look app that offers efficient customer service. The team must be capable enough to handle and offer the solution associated with multiple problems without much time. They should be efficient enough to speak with kindness and must have good knowledge.


There are different e-sports apps which are simply designed for certain mobile devices. You should make sure that the app you choose is compatible with your mobile phone. Most of the best e-sports betting apps are compatible with different devices like Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS to name some. Such mobile apps are highly advised since they are entirely optimized and can stay functional across different devices irrespective of the size of the screen. But it is better to check the supported mobile operating system model to make sure you experience functionality.


There is no doubt that the e-sports betting app in recent times has gained prominence and is now turned out to be trending in the community of esports gambling. This is a great platform to place a bet on the video games of your choice and that too any time of the day. The experts can help you choose a good betting app which is easy to use and comes with great features which would give you a pleasant gambling experience. It’s time that you choose the app that you think fulfills your expectations and gives you a great platform for placing bets at once.

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